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Duplo DBM-600 - автоматический брошюровально-фальцевальный модуль

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Производитель Duplo

DBM-600 booklet maker inherits features of the best flagship sales model with reproduction of the latest technology. The machine provides a large variety of book formats from A4 landscape to 105 mm x 75 mm. More importantly, the ease of use has achieved by several new function and PC control that enable to operate more intuitively and efficiently.


Model TypeStitcher folder
Paper SizeSaddle stitching / Length: 170 to 640 mm
Width: 105 to 356 mm
Side and corner stitching / B5 LEF, A4 SEF / LEF, B4 SEF
(with some exceptions)
Paper TypeFine quality: 64 to 160 gsm
Art/Coated: 84.9 to 160 gsm
Cover below: 350gsm
Process Speed
4,100 sets / h (A3 finished to A4)
4,600 sets / h (A4 finished to A5)
5,200 sets / h (Minimum size)
Stitching CapacityNo. of stitches 0 to 2
Stitch thickness within 5mm
Folding CapacityBelow 25 sheets (81.4 gsm)
Dimensions1,848 (W) x 928.5 (D) x 1,227 (H) mm
Ratings120V, 60Hz, 4.5A
220-240V, 50/60Hz, 2.5A
Weight377 kg

Block mode

By splitting each tower into, 1 to 5 bins and 6 to 10bins, job can be loaded on the run and non-stop productivity achieved. Collating job starts from 1 to 5 in the first block, then when any of the bins run out of paper, the machine stops. Collating from 6 to 10 then commences at the touch of a button, whilst the first block can be re-loaded.

Offset stacking and Straight stacking

There are two selectable stacking methods, "Offset stacking" and "Straight stacking" in accordance with the job. In addition, with the insertion mode, sheets are inserted between a designated numbers of collated sets, so that multiple numbers of collated sets can be easily identified.

DFC-S Corner, twin staple and punch

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