Ultra Hi-Definition Prints

With digital cameras capable of high resolution image files, why be satisfied with an ordinary printer when you can get an Epson ultra hi-definition printer. These printers produce photos with richness, depth and clarity that satisfies even the toughest customers – professional photographers.

The Epson R260 and R380 and the RX580 photo all-in-one offers superior photo capabilities, with user-friendly features that enable anyone to print outstanding photos right at home. And, Epson photo printers also print documents, e-mails, CDs/DVDs, and more - satisfying your everyday print needs.

Ultra hi-definition prints come from many advanced features found inside Epson printers.

  • Claria™Ink for the ultimate combination of photo quality and longevity (200 years album storage)5.
  • Epson's patented MicroPiezo® print head with DX5 technology produce microscopically small droplets of Claria ink for grain free photos.
  • With DX5 (droplets x 5 sizes), each nozzle has advanced capabilities to discern and adjust the ink droplet size based on the needs of your print job.
Variable-sized droplets
  • Multiple droplet sizes work together with 6-color inks to create greater tonal range for smooth gradations and accurate skin tones.
  • Models from other manufacturers use thermal print head technology and are limited to one ink droplet size per nozzle. To achieve multiple ink droplet sizes, they must have additional nozzles dedicated to a specific droplet.
  • Only with Epson Ultra Hi definition photo printers, do you get superior print quality without sacrificing speed.
  • Print a borderless 4x6 in as fast as 13 seconds in Draft Mode.
  • Print a borderless 4x6 in as fast as 30 seconds in the default photo mode on quality photo papers.
  • Print black and color text up to 30 ppm1.

Epson R260, R380 RX5801 HP PS7160, HP PS73602 Canon iP6700D2
Draft Photo Speed 4x6 borderless as fast as 13 seconds3 as fast as 12 seconds No published draft speed
Default photo speed 4x6 borderless as fast as 32 seconds4 as fast as 88 seconds4 as fast as 47 seconds

1 For all printers (Epson and competitors), print times will vary based on system configuration, software application and page complexity. See www.epson.com/printspeed for more information about Epson print speeds.

2 Speeds of each competitor printer are based on the published claims of the competitor, except for the default photo speed for the HP PS7160 and PS7360. See note 4 for the basis for that speed.

3 Color photo in Draft Mode on Premium Photo Paper Glossy measured from start of paper feed.

4 Epson and HP default photo speeds are based on tests printing a color photo (ISO image) using comparable papers and settings. Epson speed is based on Photo Mode on Premium Photo Paper Glossy. HP speed is based on HP's "Printing Shortcuts" driver setting of "Photo Printing Borderless" using driver defaults on HP Premium Plus Photo Paper. All times are measured from start of paper feed, and fractional times are rounded up to whole seconds.

5 Print permanence ratings are based on accelerated testing of prints on specialty media, displayed indoors under glass or UV filter or stored in archival sleeves in album storage. Actual print stability will vary according to media, printed image, display conditions, light intensity, humidity, and atmospheric conditions. Epson does not guarantee longevity of prints. For maximum print life, display all prints under glass or UV filter or properly store them.

Photo Features

Advanced Photo Features

Automatic Photo Correction - it's like having a lab technician inside your printer.

Automatic Photo Correction

For those times when you take photos and something went wrong – perhaps the flash wasn't strong enough or the color was off. Even if it doesn't look good enough to print, give it a shot. Automatic photo correction1 will try to make it better (available on the R260, R380 and RX580).

Automatic Photo Correction

It's automatic2, so there's no need to learn complicated software or consult a photo expert. And with the Epson R380 or RX580, auto photo correction is also available PC- free without ever turning on your computer! Just press Print.

1 Auto photo correction may not be able to correct all photos, and is not available when printing with Mac OS X.

2 Automatically enabled when printing on glossy photo papers.

Photo Restoration (only available on the RX580 Photo All-in-One)

Photo Restoration

Do you have a box or album of old faded photos? Restore the color back to their original brilliance with or without a PC. Easy Photo Fix™ technology, exclusively from Epson, makes it easy to revive your favorite photos and share beautiful reprints. Just place that old family photo on the scanner bed and let the RX580 do the rest. There's no costly software to purchase and no photo editing programs to learn. And, you don't even need a computer to do it!

Click here for more information on one-click color restoration technology from Epson

Before Red-Eye Removal

Before Red-Eye Removal

After Red-Eye Removal

After Red-Eye Removal
Also shown with Auto Photo Correction

Red Eye Removal

Remove red eyes PC-free with the R380 and RX580. Red eye can also be removed on all three Ultra Hi-Definition printers using ArcSoft Photo Impression software included with these printers.

Versatile Performance

Convenient, individual inks

Claria Hi-Definition Ink

Individual ink cartridges give you control of ink usage; replace only the cartridge you need! And with Claria ink, only one set of cartridges is necessary to print top quality photos or documents. There is no need to spend additional money on specialized cartridges to get great results on both plain and photo papers. Claria ink is also available in high-capacity cartridges giving you about 50% more prints per cartridge, for only a few dollars more.

Variety of Epson Papers to Suit Your Needs

Epson offers a variety of paper sizes and surfaces to suit your individual needs. Many of these papers are designed for use with the Ultra Hi-Definition printers to give you the superior results you'd expect from Epson. For best results, check out these genuine Epson papers, optimized for use with Claria ink and Ultra Hi-Definition printers.

  • Borderless paper sizes are available frame-ready for 4x6, 5x7, 8x10 and Letter size. (not all surfaces are available in all sizes)
  • A broad range of paper surfaces are also available: glossy, semi-gloss, luster, matte finishes and more
Matte Surface Papers Glossy Surface Papers Specialty Papers
  • Epson Matte Paper - Heavyweight
  • Epson Double-Sided Matte Paper
  • Epson Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper
  • Epson High Quality Ink Jet Paper
  • Epson Premium Bright White Paper
  • Plain Paper
  • Epson Ultra Premium Glossy Photo Paper
  • Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper
  • Epson Premium Semigloss Photo Paper
  • Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper
  • Epson ColorLife™ Photo Paper
  • Epson Glossy Photo Paper
  • Epson All Purpose Glossy Paper
  • Epson Iron-On Transfer Paper
  • Epson Photo Quality Self-Adhesive Sheets
  • Epson Photo Stickers
  • Epson Ink Jet Transparencies
  • Epson Photo Quality Ink Jet Cards
  • Epson Glossy Photo Greeting Cards
  • Epson Semigloss Scrapbook Photo Paper
  • PremierArt™ Matte Scrapbook Photo Paper for Epson

Ink Matters

Claria Hi-Definition Ink

Claria™ Hi-Definition Ink

Ultra Hi-Definition prints are only available using Claria Ink. Designed for the discerning photo enthusiast, Claria™ Hi-Definition Ink is a breakthrough ink technology that delivers unsurpassed photo quality and long-lasting results. It delivers a quality without compromise -- photographic durability equivalent to or better than lab prints, but with color saturation and brilliance that surpasses the lab. It's also ideal for everyday printing and copying needs.

With Claria ink, you get:

  • Smudge, scratch, water and fade resistant photos.
  • Worry-free handling – prints are ready to share with friends and family.
  • Printers, inks and papers developed in conjunction with each other, so they are precisely tuned to work together for rigorous quality control and beautiful output that lasts for generations.
  • Outstanding quality on a variety of paper surfaces such as glossy, semi gloss, luster, matte and more.
  • No need or additional expense for specialty photo cartridges. The 6-color Claria inks are ideal for your photographs and your everyday printing. (No need to swap out cartridges based on what you're printing)
  • Prints that last for generations! (Up to 200 years in an album!) See www.wilhelm-research.com.

No other printer company, photo lab or third-party ink can deliver the results you get with Claria inks using Epson's papers and Ultra Hi-Definition printers.1

Claria Ink won't smudge

Claria Ink won't smudge like this competitor's print.

Claria Ink won't smudge

Look at the smudge on the girl's face on this competitive print, caused when wiping spilled water from the print.

1 We recommend that you use genuine Epson cartridges. The use of other products may affect your print quality and could result in printer/all-in-one damage. Yields vary considerably based on images printed, print settings, paper type, frequency of use and temperature. For print quality, a small amount of ink remains in the cartridge after the "replace cartridge" indicator comes on. The printer/all-in-one ships with full cartridges and part of the ink from the first cartridges is used for priming the printer/all-in-one.

Why to Buy

Epson vs. the Competition

The Epson R260, R380 and RX580 Ultra Hi-Definition printers offer many amazing features that competitive products do not. And, Epson features are standard right out of the box. See for yourself!

Features Epson Competitive Photo Printers1
Direct CD/DVD printing - no messy labels
Fast photo print speeds (Draft Mode) on high quality photo paper
Six-color ink set (one standard set for both plain and photo printing - no extra cartridges to buy) some models
Claria ink for smudge, scratch, water, and fade resistant glossy photos
Automatic photo correction
Convenient individual ink cartridges
(only available on higher end competitor products)
PC-free printing of photo greeting cards (RX580 only)
MicroPiezo® print head with DX5 (five ink droplet sizes) for grain free photos.

1 Competitive photo models available from HP and Canon as of July 24, 2006.


Choose the Epson photo printer that's right for you!

Here are some things to consider:

  1. What is the maximum photo size you would like to print?
    • To print sizes up to 8.5 x 11, choose the Epson R260, R380 or RX580.
    • To print larger sizes, like 12"x12" or more, take a look at Epson's 13"x19" printers.
  2. Do you want flexibility to print photos without using a computer?
    • PC-free printing is a great feature to have if there are multiple users in your household or office. It's also nice when you need to print something quickly, and would rather not take the time to upload a photo to your computer and open a photo application.
    • If you want this flexibility, choose either the Epson R380 or the RX580.
  3. Do you want a multi-functional product with which you can also scan and copy photos and documents?
    • If so, then you want the Epson RX580.
Epson Stylus Photo R260
Epson Stylus Photo R260
Epson Stylus Photo R380
Epson Stylus Photo R380
Epson Stylus Photo RX580
Epson Stylus Photo RX580

PC-free photo printer with PictBridge and CD/DVD Printing

PC-free photo printer with with 3.5" Color LCD & memory card slots plus CD/DVD Printing

Photo all-in-one - PC-free photo printer, scanner and copier plus CD/DVD printing

Ultra Hi-Definition Printing Yes Yes Yes
4x6 borderless photo print speed1 As fast as 13 seconds As fast as 13 seconds As fast as 13 seconds
Color/black text print/copy speed1 Up to 30 ppm Up to 30 ppm Up to 30 ppm Printing
Up to 30 cpm Copying
Scanner No No Yes, 1200x2400 dpi
Color LCD No Yes, 3.5" Yes, 2.5"
Card slots for popular memory cards No Yes, also supports USB Flash Drives Yes, also supports USB Flash Drives
PC-free photo printing Yes, via your digital camera, or mobile phone Yes, a wide variety of features available through the printer including, cropping and enlargements Yes, a wide variety of features available through the printer including, cropping, enlargements and photo restoration
PictBridge support Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth enabled No Optional Optional
Red Eye removal Yes, from the computer Yes, from the computer and PC-Free Yes, from the computer and PC-Free
Auto photo correction2 Yes Yes, from the computer and PC-Free Yes, from the computer and PC-Free
Photo Restoration No No Yes, from the computer and PC-Free
Maximum photo print size 8.5x11 cut sheets, customized settings also possible 8.5x11 cut sheets, customized settings also possible 8.5x11 cut sheets, customized settings also possible
Photo Greeting Cards No No Yes - PC Free
Print from Digital Camera Movie No Yes No
Ink Type Claria with prints that last up to 200 years Claria with prints that last up to 200 years Claria with prints that last up to 200 years
Ink Cartridges 6 Individual 6 Individual 6 Individual

1 Pages per minute (ppm) speed measured after first page, based on black text and color text patterns in Draft Mode on plain paper. Color photo in Draft Mode on Premium Photo Paper Glossy measured from start of paper feed. Additional print time will vary based on system configuration, software application and page complexity. See www.epson.com/printspeed for more information about print speed.

2 Not available when printing using Mac OS X

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